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First Week Highlights

on August 19, 2013

We have been in school for 6 days now, and already it feels like we never had a break- in the best way possible.

First, the kid quotes:

1st grader, when asked by me one thing he wanted me to know about him: “that I’m lazy!” Um, ok.

Having lunch with a 2nd grader, the construction noise was really loud: “just shut the blinds. My teacher did this and it really works!”

Names for my Mrs. Potato Head by kindergarteners: Mrs. Tomato, Mrs. Pomado, Mrs. I Forgot 🙂

I often like to do a “what was your high/low of the day” discussion with my husband while cooking dinner together, but I can honestly say I had no lows this week, other than being strongly told by a colleague to “just chill”. Does anyone ever notice that this automatically makes you more irate, defeating the purpose? But I had some big highs!

1. I no longer have to monitor attendance, only to meet with parents of concern to make a plan of support.
2. I have a weekly meeting with BOTH my principal and assistant principal together.
3. I got approval to run a some book clubs for struggling readers who also need social/emotional support, helping our school goal to improve ELA scores.

This is bound to be the best year ever. I am wishing the same for you in whatever you do.

“Nothing is impossible- the word itself says ‘I’m possible!'” Audrey Hepburn


2 responses to “First Week Highlights

  1. kaylashook says:

    I love that quote! I use it in my classroom all the time! 😉

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