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Time is of the Essence…

on September 4, 2013

I must say, this baby is really affecting a lot of future decisions I’m making at work.

No, I don’t have a child of my own.  I’m not even pregnant.

Many of you reading this know that my husband and I are trying to start a family.  We unfortunately had a miscarriage over the summer but are trying again.

Now, I’m what you call the quintessential planner, but when you have to think of commitments in terms of where you’ll be nine months or more down the road, even the biggest anti-procrastinator can get a little stressed.

Will I be able to coach Girls On the Run this spring?  Will I be able to teach a college course next summer?  Will I be able to attend the ASCA conference in Orlando? Should I apply for that school garden grant?  Should I think decreasing the number of things I’m doing in my program to allot for the fatigue, nausea, and appointments that are to come?

I know the answer is to take life one day at a time and not assume things will happen at any given time.  I’ve learned the hard way that this baby will surely not happen on my time frame.

But success in almost anything requires some preparation.  I’m curious to hear from professionals who have children what they did to prepare in order to balance it all.


Keep calm


2 responses to “Time is of the Essence…

  1. Lani Iemma says:

    Notes from a mom: you can’t plan it, but you’ll be capable of more than you ever thought you were! You’ll feel guilty all the time, because you will have to say no sometimes. You’ll feel guilty about that because you won’t feel like you’re giving 100% to being a counselor, but you’ll feel guilty when you say yes too because you won’t feel like your being 100% of the greatest mom you can be. You’ll be exhausted and stressed, but at the same time you’ll love it and can’t imagine your life before you were both! You’ll feel like this can’t possibly be done well. Then, in the back of your mind you’ll think of the “great ones” you know…Overman, Drescher, Sommers, and many others, and you’ll remember a mom can do both well; even exceptionally. You’ll feel tugs on your heart all the time from both sides, but when you are overwhelmed and feel you can’t do it; we will all remind you.. You are a “great one” too!! It can be done! I love you, Johnson, and I’m excited for the time when you make that jump into both worlds. We all know how awesome you will be at both!! I promise to be there for you when you need me and not to make fun of you, (too much at least), when you come to school with baby vomit on your shirt or wearing two different socks, because you just didn’t have time to find two that matched!

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