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Patience Walk

on September 20, 2013

I am not a patient person. So when I hear, “it will be a patience walk, but it will be worth it!”, or something to that effect, I want to immediately punch the person saying it.

At my school, with a 90% poverty rate, I am often not only counseling our students, but their parents too. Often our families’ lives are fraught with daily chaos, lack of control, and pure survival.

No wonder so many of our kids can’t pass the stinking ISTEP test.

I feel I’ve always done a pretty decent job of being able to “leave work at work”, but this year it’s been much more difficult to not think of kids on the long drive home, and not want to adopt 2,3, or 10 of them.

I realized this week things haven’t changed- I have.

I’m keeping a mindful watch on my own transference issues with my miscarriage this summer; it’s made me want even more to snatch some of the kids away from their circumstances, bring them home, give them a bath, wrap them in a blanket, pop them some popcorn, and have a laugh watching a movie.

I’m also trying very hard to not feel resentment towards the mothers ill-equipped to handle their six or seven children they currently have. I’d just like one, please.

The picture below gives me great strength in times like these. It’s of my great-grandmother and grandfather Irene and Donald when they were very young and very much in love. Their love endured decades after this, too.

Even if my own husband would never be caught by others in a picture looking at me this way, he does. He always says, “as long as we have each other, we’ll always be ok.” And I trust in him and in this.

And I trust in the patience walk, even if I don’t feel like it.



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