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The Big Picture

on September 29, 2013

This past week was College Go! Week in the state of Indiana, which is an annual event promoting post-secondary awareness and exploration for students in grades K-12, a.k.a “early Christmas” for me. 🙂

I wanted to share with you some photos I took of the week to share ideas, which I rarely do, but to also express my pure joy in helping my students begin thinking of their futures so young. It’s a huge paradigm shift to begin talking college before middle school; it is no longer just a “secondary” domain. My intern and I are hoping to receive a grant so we can take more field trips to local campuses (so please cross your fingers!).

I reflected this week on why this such a huge passion of mine in my school counseling program. I think the defining moment was in my first year, when I was having a discussion with a 5th grade class about college. A student raised their hand and said, in all seriousness, “my mom already said I’m not going to college. We can’t afford it.” At ten years old, that was already set in his mind. It was really a humbling experience to know my norms were not the rest of the world’s norms. And it also told me our parents needed to be educated just as our students did!

College afforded me choices in life; just as it did many of you reading. Though the word “college” is heavily emphasized for simplicity’s sake, I make sure to also emphasize that “college” is any type of learning after high school- be that an apprenticeship, trade school, or the military. The schema of solely “going away to a 4-year university” is shifting, and shifting fast.

What message do you send to your students and/or children about college?









One response to “The Big Picture

  1. Jan says:

    Kelly, that student’s comment is going to change some things for us at GMS as we plan Cash for College and such. Thanks!

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