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#ISCA13: Thoughts and Reflections

on November 17, 2013

The Indiana School Counseling Association held its annual conference this past Thursday and Friday in Indianapolis. This is a “can’t miss” event for me and is worth missing two days at school, though it’s difficult to be away from the kids. This year’s conference held a different perspective for me, with now being on the ISCA board. After taking a few days to process the event as a whole, this is what I left with:

-I always leave the two days with what I affectionately call “brain melt”, where you have a headache and can’t think anymore except for what absolutely must be done to pack up and get home. Though you learn about 83 things at the conference, you only leave with about five good nuggets of knowledge that you retain- but the five nuggets are totally worth it.

-I really need to stop treating these events like, say, going to the gym- where you compare how fit you are compared to others, and you’re afraid to ask for help out of fear of looking incompetent. This profession leaves us all feeling incompetent much of the time; why am I any different?

-Establishing connections, networking, and seeing old friends is just as valuable (if not more) than the actual materials you receive and knowledge you gain. Relationships are everything, all the time.

-I am really good at being A leader, but not meant to be THE leader. My casual humor and ability to cry at the drop of a hat are too big of liabilities. And that’s ok.

-Always have a back-up plan if you’re presenting- Dropbox (and technology in general) and I will never be BFFs.

-Even if I feel there are others much more accomplished than I that could be better representatives on the ISCA board, I’m the one who stepped up to the plate and is giving my time, energy, and heart to the cause. That says something in itself.

-DON’T BE TOO BUSY AND STRESSED TO TAKE PICTURES! Sorry folks, no pictures of the conference to show you here, but I will leave you with words of wisdom:



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