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Goodbye Issues

on December 4, 2013

Next Tuesday marks the last day my intern, Ami, will be with me at her elementary site. I’ve had Human Services job shadow placements from the local community college before, but as this is the first intern from a School Counseling program (my alma mater, I may add) that I’ve ever had, I’m having major denial over it.

I’ve never been good at saying “so long”; I was the person on the tennis team that cried every senior night, even if I didn’t particularly know any of the departing well. I’ve tried to analyze why this is so, but I can’t figure it out.

I know the fact that working more alongside my intern this semester, as opposed to merely being observed, is adding to my struggle to let go. I swear she’s much smarter than I am. I’ve let her know that many times.

I’m thinking of writing her a “list of good school counseling advice” to add along my gift to her, then decided here is as good of place as any to put my advice down:

1. As a colleague once told me, “just smile and nod for the first two years.” She was right-there’s way too much to learn.
2. Always be the person who gives a student another chance.
3. See each day fresh and clear.
4. If you always keep the focus on children, and not everything else, you’ll ultimately be ok.
5. Always strive to learn and have a growth mindset.
6. Be a relationship builder- not just with students, but everyone you work with and for. YOU NEED THEM ALL.
7. Don’t trash talk students in the teacher’s lounge. (My intern saw this firsthand today, unfortunately).
8. Advocate for the profession, and back it up with data.
9. Be indispensable.
10. Remember, that if no one ever notices the good work you do or ever receive accolades, you are making a tremendous difference everyday.

Good advice. I should follow it more. 😉



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