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National School Counselor Week- Reflections for Any Profession

on February 8, 2014

Like many other aspects of work lately, the weather certainly put a damper on #NSCW14, with us only being in school three days this week. But in the midst of the damper, some good things happened as well.

The biggest message I took away from the week is a message all of us, school counselors or not, can keep close to us always- take care of your students (clients), take care of your staff (colleagues), and take care of each other.

1. Take care of your students (clients):
Admittedly, I scaled back on this aspect in terms of announcements, stickers, pencils, etc. this year. I wanted to be more intentional with what I SAID to my students. I made it a point to give extra hugs, words of affirmation, and notes letting certain students know I am thinking of them. The smiles I received meant more than anything else I could have given, and it was all free.

2. Take care of your staff (colleagues):
If your staff is similar to mine, food is the closest way to their hearts. I got a wonderful idea from another counselor two years ago who feeds her staff lunch every year during NCSW, and I decided to do a theme every year. Last year it was Valentine’s desserts, this year it was a summer cookout theme (considering the weather):


It really was simple stupid, and cost effective- hot dogs and cheeseburger sloppy joe’s in the crockpot, chips, watermelon, and punch. The thank you’s and words of affirmation I got were priceless.

3. Take care of each other:
I was so proud that one of our local newstations ran a series recently called “Guidance Counselor Crisis” in which local school counselors and members of the ISCA board were interviewed regarding growing student-to-counselor ratios and impossible workloads. I know through social media this has at least been spread as far as the East Coast! You can read and view the three part series here:

Part One:

Part Two:–242497551.html

Part Three:–242819241.html

The best way we can take care of each other is to ADVOCATE.


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