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You Never Know…

on June 3, 2014

I’m just going to be honest, with a pending home move in two weeks, a baby on the way in 2 1/2 months, and a potential move of school offices this summer (YUCK!), I’ve got nothing.

But today I received a note from one of my third graders and wanted to share it; this is certainly not to tout my work as a school counselor, but to inspire those in the helping professions that you never know how much you reach someone you help.  With all the chaos of finishing a school year, and the fatigue of pregnancy I’ve felt like I haven’t been doing the quality of work I’ve been accustomed to.

I think this is a reminder to us all that help others that the RELATIONSHIP IS EVERYTHING.  Kids especially just want your time and to know you care.

“Dear Mrs. Johnson,

Thank you very much for helping me and (name withheld) fix our problems with (name withheld).  I appreciate it very much.  Every year I have problems and you help me solve them.  I don’t want you to leave this school someday because you are a great counselor.  Good luck with your new baby.  God gives almost every woman in the world a gift to keep and take care of.  And all those months that you are on break with your baby, enjoy them.  Thank you very much for your advice with my problems.”

Again, this is a THIRD GRADER.  The world in the future is not doomed.

I think I can finish the race strong- school ends Friday for us, and I will sprint to the finish line instead of sitting on the track on the last curve.

Have a great summer!


One response to “You Never Know…

  1. sacrif1ce says:

    A third grader? All hope isn’t lost! LOL

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