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Time Heals All Wounds

on November 29, 2014

This past week I was privileged to accept my first high school counseling position, and it has been a whirlwind to say the least- the adjustment to new home, new baby, and now new job leaves me exhausted but in the most invigorating way possible.

In my second interview, my new principal asked me, “why do you want to work here?”. A pretty generic question, but the response I gave surprised even me. I told him that even a month ago, I would not have felt ready for this. I was still grieving leaving my old elementary school and feeling overwhelmed with new motherhood.  But the clouds seemed to part one day at a time, and I felt now I was in a position to be excited.

I’m tremendously grateful to be given this opportunity, considering a lack of high school experience and not a great internship at this level seven years ago.  I was told I was hired because my boss knew I’d always put the kids first.  And while life is still very unpredictable, I do know he’s right about that.


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