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on February 26, 2015

My principal used this hashtag to communicate to the staff and students who follow him on My Big Campus yesterday.  I love this in its simplicity.  I LOVE it.  Why do I love this so much?

In my previous post, I had mentioned how encouraged I felt that the high school I work for was really making strides to debunk the myth that high schools do not, in fact, care.  The myth that by the time students reach this level they are already “gone” if they have issues, and that teachers are “jaded”.

You know what?  Becoming jaded is a CHOICE.  It is a choice that the preschool teacher can make, and it’s the choice a college professor can make.  The age of the student really is irrelevant.  The danger lies in the making of said choice.  One the adult makes it, the student can become jaded themselves.

Students need to know you care about them before they will care about you.  It may not sound right or “fair”, but let’s move past what sounds “fair” and do what’s right.

After a very mentally and emotionally draining day with a few students yesterday, I sighed and told my principal how tough the day was.  He said, “that’s good.  It means students are trusting us and knowing we’re there for them.”  This was particularly powerful because it reminded me that these students had these stories all along.  We just know about them now.  Because #wecare.



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