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The People Displeaser

on August 21, 2015

This week has been my first experience with beginning of the year high school scheduling.

I hate it.

I’m certainly not unique in experiencing the stress that comes along with the massive pile of requests that come from students, parents, teachers, and even administrators.  Knowing it’s impossible to honor everyone’s exact request, but wanting by nature of the job for students to leave my office feeling better than when they came in has left my heart heavy and me feeling drained.

Oh, and school started yesterday.

Most people who know me well wouldn’t say I live my life seeking approval.  My nature is much more to stand up for my beliefs and the rights of others.  But these past few weeks have left me wondering if perhaps I need the validation of others more than I thought.

I’ve been confronted more by students and parents these past nine months than my previous five years as an elementary counselor COMBINED.  I guess I never used to have to say what people didn’t want to hear.

Putting things into context: the counseling department was seen as incompetent for years, I never used to have to create schedules, this is a different parental demographic, really gives me no solace.  All I can think of at the end of the day is, “will these kids come to me when they really need help, or have I blown it?”

Then it terrifies me to think of Ace growing to be a teenager.

Over the course of time, our procedures for this will evolve and improve, our rapport with students will deepen, and our reputation will be a good one.

That day can’t come soon enough this week.


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